Steel Material Department

Sales of various types of steel materials

We sell metal materials widely including structural steel, stainless steel, tool steel, high alloys, and titanium and can supply regular and customized size materials quickly.

In addition, we can deal with forgings, polished steel bars, and machined products. We are performing inventory sales of duplex and super duplex stainless steel!


Imported materials
Böhler(Austria) Closed die forgings
(Turbine disk)
Material: X12CrNiMo12V

: JIS SUS420J1 Only our company has inventory in Japan!
Heat treated materials (also some annealed materials) 32 dia. to 150 dia.
Ground materials (CG materials) and pipe materials are also available.

: We have inventory of round bars made of duplex and super duplex stainless steel
We have abundant inventories of S31803 and S32750 round bars.    20 dia. to 300 dia.

: Sales of abundant types of magnetic materials!
As for sheets and round bars of SUY (pure iron) and 3% Si steel, depend on us.
Requirement for forgings and heat treatment can be satisfied.
We can deal with even small lots.
Permalloy (PC and PB), Invar, and Super Invar are available.
: Did you experience any difficulty in purchasing materials complying with foreign standards?
We have lots of experience in obtaining round bars complying with ASTM A105, F11 and F22.
When you require F1, F5, and F91, which are difficult to obtain, consult us.
We are exporting from special steel manufacturers in America, Europe, and Asia.
: We have lots of experience in selling steel materials, forgings, etc.
If you feel difficulty in obtaining materials complying with ASTM, DIN, etc., contact us.

Sales items

Structural steel (JIS)SS400
S25C, S35C, S45C and S55C
SCR415H, SCM420H, SCM435H and SCM440H
SNC415, SNC631 and SNC815
SNCM220H, SNCM420H, SNCM439, SNCM616 and SNCM630
SACM645, SUP9, SUP10 and SUJ2
Non-heat treated steel
Stainless steel (JIS)SUS304, SUS304L, SUS303, SUS316, SUS316L and SUS630
SUS304N2, SUS329J1, SUS329J4L, SUS309S and SUS310S
SUS403, SUS410J1, SUS420J1, SUS420J2 and SUS430
SUH3, SUH31 and SUH35
Electromagnetic stainless steel (K-M31, K-M35F, K-M35FL, etc.)
Tool steel Carbon tool steel, cold die steel, hot die steel, plastic die steel, high-speed steel, and powder high-speed steel
High alloyPure nickel Ni201
INCONEL INCONEL 600, 601, 625, 718, 800H (T) and X750
HASTELLOY Equivalent to HC22 and HC276
Carpenter Equivalent to Carpenter 20
TitaniumTitanium grade 1, titanium grade 2 and 6AL-4V
Magnetic materialsRound bars and sheets of SUY, ME1F, ELCH2, MES3F and QMS3L
Round bars and sheets of PC, PB, Invar, Super Invar, and Permendur