Friction Welding Department

Facilities in service

Manufacturer name ModelMaximum size of productsNumber of machines
Toyota Industries CorporationFW30U10 dia. to 30 dia1
Sakae Industries Co., Ltd. WF30S10 dia. to 30 dia.1
Toyota Industries CorporationFW50H20 dia. to 50 dia.1
Toyota Industries CorporationFW60H20 dia. to 60 dia.2
Sakae Industries Co., Ltd. WFA60U20 dia. to 60 dia.1
Yuanyu (Taiwan) YO-6020 dia. to 60 dia1
Toyota Industries CorporationFW70U20 dia. to 70 dia.1
Toyota Industries CorporationFW170U60 dia. to 170 dia.1